MG Cyberster Electric Roadster Teased in Latest Video

A new video has surfaced online showing the production-ready MG Cyberster EV roadster, just few weeks after its patent images were leaked online.

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The electric roadster takes design inspiration from the MG Cyberster concept that was unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. The concept was developed by a team at the MG Advanced Design Center in London, which took cues from the classic MGB Roadster from the 1960s. However, the patent images showed us that the production version isn’t going to be that extravagant in terms of design.

Now the latest video provides us with a glimpse of what to expect from the road-going model. The front end will sport a set of aggressive headlights and a pronounced bumper and front grille with a particularly intriguing shape. The video also reveals that it will have traditional wing mirrors unlike the concept and that it will have a folding soft top finished in black. This teaser also showcases how the roof mechanism will operate.

The rear gets wide and racy arrow-shaped LED lights which were rather small in the concept, however the elongated versions look really cool. On top of it is a full-width light bar that extends vertically towards the extreme ends, mimicking the classic MGB look from the 60s.

The MG Cyberster will get scissor doors that swing upwards to reveal a space age interior, with a digital dashboard mounted behind a steering yoke, similar to that of Tesla’s range-topping models. MG could fit a variable-ratio steering system to make the yoke easier to operate at low speeds, but this hasn’t been confirmed. Either way, it’s likely that the shift paddles behind the yoke will be used to adjust the car’s brake regen settings, given that the Cyberster will probably be an EV. Other than that, the teaser gives us a glimpse of a pair of sporty seats bathed in red and white materials, and prominent roll hoops behind the headrests.

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Other details about the vehicle remain uncertain at this stage but significant changes are expected from the original concept, which was outfitted with four electric motors, allowing it to hit 100 km/h from a standstill in less than 3 seconds. The concept also boasted range of over 800 km, however we will have to wait to see is the numbers are matched by the final production model.

Speculative renderings of MG Cyberster roadster

No official launch date has been announced yet but the MG Cyberster roadster will likely be showcased for the first time in production form in 2023. Apparently it could be formally launched in 2024 to celebrate MG’s centenary. More details to be shared as & when available, stay tuned to CarSpiritPK.

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