MG Cyberster EV Launched at Guangzhou Auto Show

The much-awaited MG Cybserter EV roadster has been formally launched at the ongoing 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show in China. The vehicle has been in development for over 2 years and already debuted in the UK earlier this year where it will go on sale in spring 2024 (UK prices yet to be revealed), while reservations in the Chinese market were initiated in September.

Guangzhou Auto Show MG Cyberster

Available in 3 trim levels, the Cyberster electric roadster is priced between 319,900 – 359,800 yuan ($44,300 – $49,800). MG Cyberster EV will be manufactured by SAIC in China, at the Ningde plant, where the MG4 electric hatchback is also assembled. Bear in mind, that MG (Morris Garages) is originally a British brand that was acquired by Chinese state-owned automotive behemoth SAIC Motor, which has since turned the fortunes of the iconic brand.

cyberster yellow

The sleekly styled electric roadster was inspired by the one and only MGB roadster that was manufactured from 1962 until 1980. Styling cues include tear-shaped headlamps with LED units, sporty bumpers, scissor doors, and a folding roof. The interior gets a triple LCD screen setup centered towards the driver, a central tunnel with gear lever & cup holders, and a sizeable steering wheel with a flat bottom, and three spokes.

cyberster int

The 3 trim levels differ from each other in terms of battery & driving range- with 501 km, 580 km, and 520 km ranges enabled by ternary NMC battery manufactured by CATL-SAIC joint venture. These are:

  • RWD 501
    • RWD motor 231 kW (310hp), 475 Nm peak torque
    • 0-100km/h 4.9 seconds
    • 64 kWh NMC battery
    • 319,800 yuan ($44,300)
  • RWD 580
    • RWD motor 250 kW (335hp), 475 Nm peak torque
    • 0-100km/h 4.9 seconds
    • 77 kWh NMC battery
    • 339,800 yuan ($47,000)
  • AWD 520
    • AWD 400 kW (150 front + 200 rear) 536hp, 725 Nm peak torque
    • 0-100km/h 3.2 seconds
    • 77 kWh NMC battery
    • 359,800 yuan ($49,800)

cyberster trims

MG also presented an AWD Special Edition at the show adorning a red roof, which will hit the market in March 2024. MG revealed that it has received 1000 blind orders in 50 days since the reservations were opened in China.

cyberster show

The Cyberster EV looks to be a very promising & fun-to-drive vehicle. This can be offered by MG Pakistan as an exclusive import. The price of the base FWD 501 variant is PKR 1.27 crore while the top-spec AWD 520 variant is PKR 1.42 crore when converted into local currency. Obviously, the landing prices will be higher in Pakistan but then it’s an EV and can gain benefits on taxes & registration. The company recently launched the MG4 EV in Pakistan priced between PKR 1.09 crore and PKR 1.29 crore, so those affluent who can spend up to PKR 1.98 crore on the likes of Fortuner GR-S, can easily get their hands on the MG Cyberster if it is priced around PKR 1.5 crore.

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