Toyota Corolla Remains the Global Leader in Overall Sales

Japanese auto giant Toyota recently stated that it has produced over 300 million automobiles since its inception way back in 1935. Toyota is the first automaker to attain that astounding milestone.

The staggering number includes all the brands the firm owns, including Toyota, Daihatsu, Lexus, and Hino. In comparison, its nearest competitor, the Volkswagen Auto Group of Germany, has around 200 million units under its belt.

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Although Toyota has produced several successful models over the years, the one car with the highest sales is obviously the Corolla. The current tally of cumulative Toyota Corolla sales stands at 53.399 million units. These include all Corolla iterations such as the JDM-spec (Axio), the Corolla hatchback & estate, and the Corolla Cross.

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The Corolla makes about 18% (17.79%, to be exact) of all the cars that Toyota has produced since 1935. It is also the longest-running nameplate in the brand’s history and the only car in automotive history to surpass 50 million+ units milestone. The closest remains the Ford F-series with 43 million+ units sold to date.

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More interestingly, while Toyota has been producing cars since 1935, the Corolla has been in production since 1966, so the feat was achieved in a rather short span of time. Corolla surpassed the 50 million units sales mark in August 2021 and has achieved nearly 3.39 million units sales within a couple of years since then. According to an estimate, one Toyota Corolla is sold after every 28 seconds in the world.

Next Gen Toyota Corolla Render front
13th Gen Toyota Corolla imagined!

Corolla is currently in its 12th generation, which debuted in November 2018 and is set to be replaced by the 13th generation model by next year. However, as the world transitions into the electrification era, it will be interesting to see how Toyota Corolla transforms itself to compete against a flurry of EVs. Tesla Model Y overtook the Corolla as the world’s bestselling car in Q1 of this year, giving us a glimpse that things might not be too easy for the Toyota Corolla in the future. We will have to wait to see what Toyota brings out with the 13th gen Corolla.

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