Toyota Corolla Surpasses 50 Million Sales

Toyota Corolla which is best known as the world’s most successful car ever made, has just achieved yet another milestone of surpassing global sales of 50 million units since it was first introduced in 1966.

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Corolla which is produced in more than a dozen factories around the world and sold in more than 150 countries, saw 1.1 million units sold even in the pandemic-struck year 2020. Plus Toyota’s strategy to stockpile semiconductors has helped in higher sales of Toyota cars around the world, and has obviously benefited the Corolla. According to an estimate, one Toyota Corolla is sold in every 28 seconds.

When Corolla was first introduced in 1966 it came as a cheaper alternative to Toyota Corona, which at that time was Toyota’s most successful product in global markets. Slotted below the Corona, the Corolla was supposed to offer the same level of quality & reliability as that of the Corona but in a more economical & fuel-efficient package. The name “Corolla” refers to the ring of petals around a flower, which is considered to be its most beautiful part. The name was intended to evoke the image of a beautifully styled, eye-catching and high-quality compact car.

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By 1970, the Corolla had already became the second bestselling (imported) car in USA. And its popularity reached new levels during the oil crisis of 1970s as people tilted their attention away from larger fuel-guzzling cars to more practical & economical options such as the Corolla. By 1983 cumulative global sales of Toyota Corolla had reached 10 million mark.

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Prior to the commencement of local assembled versions in 1993, Corolla was always considered a popular option in our market due to its simpler engineering, proven reliability and ease of maintenance. The 7th generation Corolla was the first to roll out of Indus Motors’ assembly lines in 1993 and remained on sale for almost 9 years with some very strong sales. It was replaced by 9th generation model in 2002, which too saw immense success in Pakistan.

The 10th generation Corolla arrived in 2008 and within a year become the bestselling car in Pakistan outselling Suzuki Mehran in 2009. And from there on, till the discontinuation of 1.3L variants in favor of Toyota Yaris, the Corolla remained the bestselling car of Pakistan for over a decade. The 11th gen model that was launched in 2014 took popularity of Corolla to a higher level, with company selling more than 50,000 units in each fiscal year for 5 consecutive years, making Pakistan the largest market of Corolla in the Asia Pacific region and 4th highest globally. To date, sales of 11th gen Corolla has already surpassed 0.3 million units in Pakistan.

The TNGA-based 12th gen model debuted back in November 2018 but Indus Motor Company has its faith strong with the 11th gen Corolla. Although there is no concrete news on when the 12th gen will be introduced in Pakistan, but according to unofficial sources it might get introduced in early 2022. However the sales of Corolla are still soaring with the company posting its highest-ever monthly sales (in July 2021) since its inception in 1993.

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Whether you like the Corolla or not, its success is something that cannot be denied. Directly or indirectly, the Corolla has been associated with probably everyone of us, with an array of unforgettable memories. So which do you think is the best Toyota Corolla generation, let us know with your comments.

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