Neta E Electric Sports Coupe Unveiled in China

China is an undisputed leader when it comes to electric vehicles. With virtually an unlimited number of electric vehicle makers, China is tapping to electrify every possible segment from sedans & hatchbacks to crossover & SUVs, from luxury MPVs to even pickup trucks as well as performance cars.

Now however, a very first of its kind 2-door 4-seat electric sports coupe has just been unveiled in latest MIIT images. Every new car to be sold in China has to go through MIIT’s (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) homologation process, thus the images & some technical details are published on their website prior to the introduction of vehicles in the market.

Neta E 2-door sports coupe

Called as the Neta E, the electric coupe is the latest offering by Hozon Auto who already have several EVs in the product portfolio including the Neta U, U-II, Neta V and the Neta S.

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The upcoming Neta E coupe boasts a very smooth profile and a low-cabin that forms a perfect tear-drop styling. There are sleek large headlights and ‘air vents’ on the hood. The roof and C-pillars are painted in black creating a floating effect. Towards the side we can see hidden door handles and large alloys with an intricate pattern. The rear features wider hips and gets horizontally stacked tail lights that are split by the trunk.

The car features a lot of black colored elements such as on the front & rear bumpers, side skirts, wing mirrors, and fenders, as well as red details including that on the rear bumper, brake calipers and the badges.

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In terms of dimensions, the Neta E measures 4,704mm long, 1,980 mm wide and 1,418 mm tall with a 2,770 mm wheelbase. To put these numbers into perspective, the 11th generation Honda Civic we have here measures 4,674/ 1,801/ 1,415 mm with a 2,736 mm wheelbase. Which makes Neta E larger in every aspect than the new Civic.

The MIIT images also show four different alloy wheel designs, cameras located on the front fender (under the blacked elements) and on the side mirrors, and a radar unit behind the windshield.

Although no technical information has been revealed officially, as per sources Neta will sell two versions of the E: a single-motor rear-wheel drive with 228 hp, and a dual-motor all-wheel drive version with 456 hp. Top speed will be electronically capped to 190 km/h on both variants. Driving range of the rear-wheel drive version will be 560 km while that of the all-wheel drive one is 580 kilometers (as per CLTC).

The Neta E is expected to be launched in the Chinese market in Q1, 2023. More details are likely to surface ahead of the formal launch, stay tuned.

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