New CEAT EV Tires Introduced in India

To cater to the growing demand of electric vehicles (EVs), Indian multinational tire manufacturing company CEAT has introduced its latest EnergyDrive range of products. The new EV tires in India are specifically designed for 4-wheeler electric vehicles.

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Normally, EVs operate as silent vehicles with high torque, making the tire noise more evident. The new EnergyDrive tires feature CALM (CEAT Acoustic Lowering Material) technology. CEAT is using this patented sound-absorbing material which reduces noise by filtration and absorption of vibration.

The DuraBlock technology used in the new EnergyDrive provides the new range of these tires with an improved block stiffness and lower thread flexing. The better stiffness lowers the deformation of the tires while cornering on the road, it enables the tires to last longer in the EVs which have higher torque than conventional vehicles.

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CEAT has incorporated EneryDrive tires with the new cavity design called EasyFlex which helps to reduce the rolling resistance of the tires thus, assisting the EV with a better driving range. Commenting on the launch, Mr. Arnab Banerjee, the COO at CEAT said:

“This marks the first time that a tire such as EnergyDrive has been launched aimed at four-wheeler EVs in India. EVs are generally very silent vehicles with high torque, making the tire noise more evident. Our EnergyDrive range of tires with CALM technology, tackle this problem for EV owners in the country. We hope to emerge as the preferred tire for EV owners.”

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