Next Gen Hyundai Sonata Imagined

South Korean automaker Hyundai is working fast on the next generation Sonata well ahead of its schedule. Camouflaged prototypes (see pictures at the end of this post) have already been spotted testing on the roads of its home market, but now folks at Hitekro have created created this rendering based on the available leaked images.

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The 8th generation Sonata (DN8) has been suffering from sluggish sales so much that Hyundai has already closed the Asan Plant line where its being built, while the Hyundai Grandeur which is produced in the same plant is selling like hot cakes. Inside Hyundai, the DN8 is being admitted as a failed model, so the company decided to skip a mid-cycle facelift in favor of a full model change.

Sonata DN9 imagined by Hitekro

The Grandeur is enjoying the best-ever sales moment, surpassing 10,000 units on a monthly basis and has earned its name as ‘Best Selling Car’ in its home market. According to data it accounts for nearly 35% of Hyundai’s sales in Korean market. On the other hand, 8th gen Sonata has been struggling with sluggish sales witnessing a 31% decline compared to the previous year. Even the Kia K5 now sells more than double in numbers than Sonata outpacing the D-segment sedan for the first time in history.

Donata DN9

Inside the company, the 8th gen Sonata is being admitted as a failed model, that’s why Hyundai has decided to skip a mid-cycle facelift in favor of a full change model (code-name DN9) that will arrive by April 2023. Previously there were also certain reports suggesting that Hyundai may even kill the Sonata nameplate altogether, however we will have to wait to see if it really happens.

Sonata DN9 imagined by Hitekro

The 8th generation Sonata which is facing serious sales troubles in almost every part of the world is doing wonderfully well for Hyundai in Pakistan. The Sonata is priced at PKR 81.49 lac for the 2.0L variant and PKR 88.99 lac for the flagship 2.5L version.

Test mules of DN9 Sonata spotted in Korea

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