The Next Gen Mazda RX-8 Rendered

Digital artists have started imagining what the rotary-powered RX-8 may look like as there are speculations that Mazda is considering bringing back a purist classic.

Nikita Chuiko of imagined what the next-generation Mazda RX-8 could potentially look like, with the familiar RX-8 profile and distinctive suicide door layout merged with the brand’s Kodo design philosophy as seen on the latest breed of Mazda cars. Although there are persistent rumors that the Japanese company may revive its rotary legacy for the moniker, nothing is officially confirmed yet.

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As per these renderings, the model would have a huge, angular grille and intersecting headlights up front, and a sleek horizontal taillight covering most of the boot lid with an added spoiler on top at the back. A front fender air vent has been added, and only minor side alterations have been made.

mazda rx 8 front1 mini

Although the rotary system has long been a feature of Mazda’s model portfolio, it won’t be present in the same form as it was in the familiar RX-8. The rotary engine will make a return as a range-extender that’s already deployed in certain versions of the MX-30 electric SUV.

mazda rx 8 rear1

Last year Mazda also filed a series of patent images for a new, electrically assisted rotary engine, adding a little more credence to the reports that it will revive its RX-badged, rotary-powered sports car lineage. The patent drawings showed a new three-rotor wankel engine, meaning the engine will have one rotor more than the old RX-8’s powertrain. And coupled with Mazda’s new hybrid system, should provide a healthy boost in power over the 237hp of previous 1.3L RX models.

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Nevertheless, based on Mazda’s current design philosophy, this concept may not be too far off from what an actual derivative may look like if it ever comes to fruition.

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