Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda Driving a Honda HR-V

A video of Akio Toyoda, who is the head of the Toyota Motor Corporation and the grandson of the company’s founder Kiichiro Toyoda, driving a Honda HR-V went viral.

Akio is well known for being a car guy through and through, despite the fact that he hasn’t received any recognition from the “Future Is EV” camp. Whether it was his numerous accomplishments in the Nurburgring 24-Hours, his appearance at events in a distinctive Century GRMN, or his campaign to get the company to stop making “boring cars,” he has gained admirers throughout the Japanese auto industry.

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In a recent video released by Toyota’s official Japanese PR channel, the clip that has already garnered close to 18 million views and was even reshared by Honda themselves shows Akio (who is also known as Morizo in the racing circuit) driving a Honda HR-V, known as Vezel in the Japanese domestic market.

A brief conversation between Akio and someone behind the camera is captured in the video, which was uploaded to X (formerly Twitter). When the Toyota Chairman is asked, “What kind of car is this?,” he enthusiastically replies, “It’s a Honda!” Akio then gives his rival’s product a thumbs-up and a smile, indicating that he likely endorses of it.

In another post, Akio is seen pasting a Toyota GR (Gazoo Racing) sticker on the rear windshield of the Honda HR-V. Both the videos released on X (Twitter) conclude with the camera zooming in on the Honda badge, followed by their “The Power Of Dreams” slogan — a friendly mark of respect from Toyota to their compatriots.

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Morizo was scheduled to do a demonstration run in the GR Yaris Rally1, which competes in the World Rally Championship. It’s common practice for drivers and navigators to rent road-going vehicles to tour venues before an event, though we’re sure many executives would insist on remaining “on brand” in such a situation. However, it is clear that Toyoda has no qualms about trying out his rival’s products, much less posting about them on their corporate social media.

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