Toyota ‘Land Hopper’ Trademark Filed in Japan

Toyota has applied for a trademark in Japan for something called the Land Hopper. The vehicle on which this mysterious moniker will appear is unknown, but the recent 2024 Land Cruiser presentation may provide some hints.

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The trademark filing that falls into the “vehicles” category is speculated to be applied to one of the vehicles shown in silhouette on-screen during the new Land Cruiser presentation. The image appears at the 18:39 mark of the video, where 3 vehicles can be seen in profile.

The one on the left is a short-wheelbase SUV that resembles a shortened Land Cruiser. Toyota has built in previous generations shorter, two-door versions of the Land Cruiser Prado, while this particular one almost looks like it could be an FJ Cruiser successor. The vehicle on the right appears to be a large, possibly 3-row crossover. The distinct flat bodywork with a closed fascia hints it will probably be an electric SUV of some sort.

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However, because the trademark category includes motorcycles and bicycles, the presence of a vehicle in the center that resembles an off-road electric bike becomes justifiable. The name Land Hopper would be ideal for something like that. In his speech, Chief Branding Officer Simon Humphries said:

“This future could mean anything, from carbon-neutral approaches to ensuring the Land Cruiser brand is more affordable and within reach of even more people around the world. Or it may even mean exploring new approaches to mobility that enhance not only the Land Cruiser experience but also further people’s freedom in motion.”

Perhaps the best partner for the Land Cruiser would be a foldable electric bike, a combo that we have seen with many Chinese EV presentations. Whether the Toyota Land Hopper will be sold as a standalone product, or will come paired with the Land Cruiser is something that we will have to wait to find out.

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