Toyota Releases New Photos of Compact Cruiser EV

In December 2021, Toyota unveiled 16 EV concepts while revealing plans for a major push into the zero-emissions vehicles. According to Toyota, a total of 30 BEVs (battery electric vehicles) will roll out by 2030 across passenger vehicles, SUVs and commercial vehicles.

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The Japanese automaker has already launched the bZ4X, its first all-electric SUV while the bZ sedan in technical collaboration with BYD of China is expected to be unveiled shortly, the latter was also displayed as a concept among 16 other vehicles in December 2021.

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Among those 16 EV concepts, was the was the Compact Cruiser EV, a miniature off-roader with boxy styling. Now Toyota has released more images of the Compact Cruiser (which could also be called as Lite Cruiser as name hasn’t been finalized yet) since it has claimed a category win at the 2022 Car Design Awards in Milan, Italy.

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Toyota hasn’t shared much information about the Compact Cruiser/ Lite Cruiser EV but has confirmed that it be an all-wheel drive so there will be two motors powering the front as well as rear wheels.

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV

Designers have taken inspiration from the first Land Cruiser, while the detailing has plenty in common with the retro-futuristic FJ Cruiser. There is also some hint of LC 70 Series about the shape of the LED running lights up front. The oversized bash plates, black cladding, and roof-mounted snowboards are amped up design elements unlikely to carry over to production.

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Toyota hasn’t given any hint regarding when the Compact Cruiser EV will move into production. However if it does, the Compact Cruiser might become an ideal electric answer to the likes of Suzuki Jimny. More information on Toyota Compact Cruiser EV will be shared as and when available, stay tuned to CarSpiritPK.

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