Up Close With ORA 03 EV (Good Cat) in Pakistan

Following its tremendous success in many international markets, the GWM Ora 03 has arrived in Pakistan. Sazgar, Great Wall Motors (GWM) venture partner, has launched the electric hatchback to the market with a price tag of PKR 89.99 lac.

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Bear in mind Ora 03 is sold by different names in markets across the globe, such as Good Cat, or simply Ora GT in most international markets and Hao Mao (欧拉好猫 literally meaning Good Cat) in China. It’s a well-engineered car that competes with better-known rivals on range, performance, equipment, and—most importantly— the price.

Ora 03 Appearance

The Ora 03 has a very unique design featuring a blend of retro and futuristic styling elements. Overall the profile is smooth devoid of sharp creases. The grille-less front fascia reminds us of a vintage VW Beetle or Porche. The fact that the Goot Cat’s designer, Emanuel Derta, was originally employed by Porsche is not surprising, as the headlights, which have a chrome ring around them, are similar to those on the 911 Carreras from the early 1970s.

ora3 pk 12

Overall the car’s design is pleasantly modest. The rear end features a light bar that’s embedded within the rear window glass and becomes visible only when either the brakes are applied or the lights are turned on. The relatively empty-looking boot lid contains a couple of emblems and an ORA lettering emblem, that’s about it. There is also an integrated rear spoiler and a shark fin antenna. The uncluttered bumper features two horizontally oriented slim reflector elements on either side of the license plate and a diffuser beneath.

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Comparing the Funky Cat to other Ora models, the Lightning Cat sedan resembles a pre-Panamera, while the Ballet Cat is a four-door version of the original Volkswagen Beetle.

Ora 03 Dimensions

While some are claiming it is a small car with a compromised space, let us remind you that the Ora 03 is quite a large car when you categorize it as a hatchback. It measures 4,235 mm long, 1,825 mm wide, and 1,596 mm tall with a generous 2,650 mm wheelbase which is almost as good as the 2,700 mm wheelbase of the 11th-gen Toyota Corolla and 10th-gen Honda Civic resulting in an exceptional interior space for the occupants.

ora3 pk 14

In comparison, the Suzuki Swift, which is currently the largest hatchback on sale in Pakistan measures 3,840/ 1,735/ 1,520 mm with a 2,450 mm wheelbase. In fact, the Ora 03 EV almost has the same length as the Proton Saga which is 4,335 mm long but Saga has a smaller wheelbase (2,465 mm) than the Ora 03.

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Hence the Ora 03 EV despite being a hatchback can easily be classified as a C-segment offering. It’s not at all a small car as many are referring it to. Moreover, the Ora 03 wears 18-inch wheels which is larger than most contemporary sedans offered in our market.

Ora 03 Interior

Inside the the dashboard design is unfussy, and materials seem upmarket enough. The dual-tone combination gives a breath of fresh air, and although there are several color combinations offered in other markets, the one we are getting is red/ beige which is pleasing enough. The old-school theme extends to chrome-effect switchgear and pleated trim that wouldn’t feel out of place in a 1960s sports car.

ora3 pk 2

Elsewhere, the Ora 03 has two 10.3-inch landscape-oriented displays unified into a single object—one a digital instrument cluster, the other a touchscreen multimedia control screen. However, the specifications for the Pakistani version as shared by the company say 10.25-inch for multimedia and 7-inch for the instrument panel, though visually they both look pretty same. Creature comfort features include a multi-function leather steering, wireless charging, 6-way power adjustable driver seat, 4-way manually adjustable front passenger seat, keyless entry, & panoramic sunroof.

Ora 03 Safety

Ora 03 comes rich in safety equipment which includes 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, TCS & ESC, Adaptive Cruise Control &  Intelligent Cruise Assist, Auto Hold & Hill Assist Control, front & reversing radar, automatic integrated parking system, Lane Departure Warning with Lane Hold & Lane Centering Assist, Front & Rear Collision Warning, Auto Emergency Braking, and Auto Collision Unlock. Bear in mind this car boasts a 5-star Euro NCAP crash test score.

Ora 03 Performance

The Ora 03 EV in Pakistan is powered by a 47.78 kWh LFP battery with a driving range of up to 400 km per charge. There is a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor good for 105kW (140hp) & 219 Nm sending power to the front wheels. The EV has a top speed of 160 km per hour. The battery can be replenished in around 7 hours, whereas, with a fast charger it retrieves 80% of juice in 30 minutes.

Ora 03 EV in Pakistan

There are variants with bigger battery capacities offered in other markets but due to our electric vehicle policy, EV makers cannot launch a car with more than 50kWh battery which will deprive them of incentives eventually pushing the prices to an unrealistic zone.

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At PKR 89.99 lac the Ora 03 EV is not at all a cheaper car, but Sazgar’s strategy to target the rich ones has paid them off quite well especially when we look at their outstanding performance with the Haval SUVs. Although Ora 03 is certainly not intended for middle-class consumers, it will undoubtedly lure those with extra money to spend on a third or fourth vehicle for their garage.

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