Xpeng to Enter RHD Markets in 2024

According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng intends to expand its reach into the right-hand-drive (RHD) market by entering Hong Kong. Xpeng vice-chairman and president Brian Gu said:

“By the time we enter, we will probably face pretty significant competition. But we do feel that our products will have a different appeal. We want to make sure that the technologies we develop in China can be made available in Hong Kong as well.”

Currently, Xpeng exclusively makes vehicles in left-hand drive, with the majority sold in mainland China as well as a few European markets, while Gu concedes that the right-hand-drive type also accounts for a big share of the electric vehicle industry, according to a study.

xpeng p7 wing 9

The P7 sedan model was introduced in April 2020, followed by the P5 in July 2021; the G9, the brand’s second SUV, was introduced in September. According to Gu, the Xpeng G9 and P7 will be available to European customers within two weeks.

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Xpeng was the first Chinese automaker to receive approval for semi-autonomous systems from the Beijing transport authority, according to the South China Morning Post. Some Xpeng vehicles were permitted to operate semi-autonomously on Beijing streets after receiving permission from Beijing local authorities for its X Navigation Guided Pilot (X NGP) software.


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