Xpeng X2 eVTOL Completes Cross-River Flight in China [Video]

AeroHT, a startup backed by Xpeng reported that its flying vehicle, Xpeng X2, had successfully crossed the Xiang River in Changsha, Hunan province. The flying car took off from the river’s left bank and landed at Zhoutou Square, covering a distance of 1.5 kilometers and spending 4 minutes in the air.

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Initially, the X2 was named Voyager 2 (旅航者X2), but according to the official website, it is now called Xpeng X2. As per the details, the airframe dimensions of the X2 flying car are 5,172/5,124/1,362 mm, in terms of length, width, and height, respectively. But when folded, the dimensions are 4,949/2,113/2,055 mm.

The body is primarily made of carbon-based materials. It has a curb weight of 680 kg and a maximum payload capacity of 160 kg. Due to its two seats, the Xpeng X2 can ideally accommodate two 80 kg passengers.

Xpeng X2

The X2 is an octocopter, which means that each “arm” has eight motors and propellers, in contrast to the majority of consumer drones, which only have four. This adds some redundancy and extra thrust, allowing the aircraft to continue flying even if one motor fails. A built-in parachute will help cushion the fall if more motors stop working.

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The flight time of the Xpegn X2 is 25 minutes. The company claims that the version that will be mass-produced and available on the market in 2025 will have an extended-range option.


According to AeroHT, this is the first cross-river flight of a flying car in China and a significant development in the field of flying car technology. The Xpeng X2 completed almost 4,000 test flights before its first cross-river flight. This year, it also gained flight experience in a variety of environments, including urban CBDs, coastal regions, and deserts.

xpeng x2 flying car

Last year in October 2022, Xpeng X2 completed its international flight debut in Dubai, making headlines and getting recognition outside China. In January, Xpeng X2 received the conditions flight permit from Chinese authorities, becoming the first crewed eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) in China to obtain such a permit. According to Zhao Deli, CEO and founder of the company, mass production & deliveries of the Xpeng X2 will begin in 2025, however, prices are yet to be disclosed.

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