Yamaha Brings the Cross Hub Concept at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha brings The Cross Hub Concept at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, which happens to be a four-wheel drive, open-cargo-bay cross-country SUV!

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Measuring just under 4.5 meters, the Yamaha Cross Hub Concept, is a middle-weight SUV, unlike the massive trucks. But it gets all the needed brawn with the fancy Falken rubber, raised suspension and of course, the four-wheel drive. The cargo bay seems to fit a full-size motocross bike and even if that won’t be offered with the truck, we are already sold on it.

Just like the concept, the cabin is also interesting. The driver’s seat sits right at the center like the McLaren F1. The four seats in the cabin are laid out like a diamond – one seat in the front, two in the second row and a single cramped seat in the back, in that not so big cabin.

Just like Yamaha’s previous two concepts, the chances of this Cross Hub Concept heading towards actual production are almost non-existent. But then it’s always nice to see such fresh & unique concepts.

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