6th Gen Honda City Outpaced Toyota Yaris in 2022

The B-segment sedan market was long dominated by Honda City in Pakistan. However in 2020 when Toyota Yaris was launched, and Honda was still selling the 5th gen City in the country, the status of the bestselling B-segment sedan was snatched by Toyota.

For a year Toyota Yaris enjoyed its supremacy as the bestselling sedan of the country, but then the aging 11th gen Toyota Corolla regained its title as the highest-selling sedan in Pakistan. Despite the fact that Corolla sales are now cut to half ever since the Yaris was introduced & 1.3L Corolla variants were discontinued in favor of the B-segment offering, the C-segment Toyota Corolla is still the bestselling sedan in the country.

city 6 cover

But the B-segment sedan category has tilted back in favor of Honda ever since the 6th-gen City debuted in mid-2021. Although it was still a globally obsolete model, it was arguably better looking than the obnoxious Yaris. And the results are now back in favor of Honda City. In the calendar year 2022, the 6th gen Honda City outpaced Toyota Yaris by selling 19,860 units averaging 1,655 units a month.

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In comparison, Toyota Yaris saw 15,507 units sold in 2022 averaging 1,292 units a month. Thus the sales of Honda City stood 28% higher than its Toyota rival. In its prime, the average monthly sales of Yaris used to be around 2,900 units & would outsell the combined number of Civic & City sold in a month. Now the current figures show us that Yaris sales have witnessed a deplorable 55% decline.

yaris rolla 2

Indus Motor Company (IMC) still sells the pre-facelift version of 3rd gen Toyota Yaris here, not to mention the Yaris has now entered into 4th generation globally. However, in the markets where 3rd gen is still available, the facelift version is sold with Pakistan being the only market to have the pre-facelift version on sale.

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IMC might consider launching the Yaris facelift here but in current economic circumstances, it’s highly unlikely for us to embrace a new version. Whether IMC will do something to win back its market share from 6th gen Honda City, we will have to wait to find out.

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