Chery Omoda to Make Concerted Efforts for FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Chery will make concerted efforts for the upcoming Qatar 2022, and will have its Omoda series make a synchronous appearance in the FIFA World Cup host city this year, according to officials who spoke to the Qatari media through a live streaming from the Chery International headquarters on Wednesday.

The live streaming event, which was supported by senior leaders from the brand department of Chery International and Qatar’s operation team, centered on the corporate strength of Chery Automobile and its strategic layout in Qatar.

Chery International’s Vice-President Qin, Director of Marketing Department Nick Xuan, and Product Director of Omoda Lilian Xiong, during the ‘direct connection’ live stream event with Qatari media

At the beginning of the event, Qin, Vice-President of Chery International introduced the current business segments and industrial layout of Chery Group. Based on the main value chain of automobiles, Chery Group has formed 7 core business sectors, including automobiles, auto parts, modern services, finance, intelligent networking, ships and real estate. Moreover, the product layout has formed a comprehensive brand competition pattern from “entry level” to “luxury level”.

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During the event, Nick Xuan, Director of Marketing Department at Chery International told the participants from Qatar that Chery has invited users to participate in the distinctive “With Chery With Love” activities in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Additionally, Chery has set up an innovative “CREATE” system, aiming to keep Chery and users in closer contact, so that more users can join Chery’s ecosystem of co-creation and growing together.

Lilian Xiong, Product Director of Omoda at Chery International, indicated that thanks to decades of technology accumulation and accurate insight into the needs of global users, Chery has successfully built its first global vehicle Omoda. As the first product under the new design concept of “Art in motion”, the sliding back styling of Omoda’s coupe-like SUV will awaken young users’ pursuit for the fashion and represent the future design trend. In addition, Omoda is also a co-creation vehicle that meets the laws and regulations of all regions. Equipped with the excellent power and latest intelligent technology of Chery, it will bring more stunning travel experience to users.

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This blockbuster product with its own elegance will appear in the host city of the 2022 World Cup, and Omoda will ignite Qatar’s sports passion together with the World Cup, said Lilian Xiong during the live streaming.

Speaking of Chery’s market planning in Qatar, Chery executives stated that with the continued popularity of Tiggo series products and the appearance of Omoda, Chery will further carry out the “Gulf Strategy” and provide the latest generation of high-tech intelligent products for Qatar and even the entire Gulf States.

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Boasting more than 20 years of valuable experience and lessons from overseas markets, Chery has formed a 4P (product, brand, network, service)+2P (finance+logistics) working system in the process of continuous summary and practice, which has realized the specialization and standardization of work processes, thus providing guidance for expanding overseas markets rapidly, said Qin. He added that Chery always adheres to the “User Centered” service concept by understanding the needs of users through field research, and providing them with the products and services they care about and desire. In overseas market, Chery has continuously strengthened user operations, and established an efficient mechanism for timely response to user needs through real-time group communication.

On Chery’s goal in Qatar, Qin said the Company provides targeted products and services for consumers, and added: “We hope to rank among the top three in the market in a short time! We will provide all users with excellent products, experience and services, so that they can be proud to be Chery’s owners”.

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