Honda Atlas to Take Action on ‘Fake News’ Over 2022 Civic Bookings

In December 2021, images of camouflaged test mules of 11th gen Honda Civic on local roads went viral on the internet & social media. Reportedly Honda Atlas is working on to introduce the sedan likely towards the latter half of this year, although no official announcement by the company has been made in this regard as of yet.

Since then however, various posts are circulating on social media regarding the booking and prices of the all-new Honda Civic model, while some are even demanding the pre-booking amount. Responding to this, Honda Atlas has said that it has not made any announcement regarding the booking of the new Honda Civic or its prices. In a statement, Honda Atlas says:

“We have been made aware of a letter circulating on Facebook regarding booking/ prices of the 2022 New Honda Civic. We strongly condemn this and the concerns responsible (individual or organization) who created, generated or promoted this letter.”

The company also warned that it “reserves the right” to pursue legal action against those circulating the ‘fake news’.

Honda statement

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The 11th gen Civic sedan made its world debut in April 2021 boasting fully redesigned exterior & interior, upgraded powertrain, refined chassis, and new enhanced safety technologies. It has already reached RHD markets in Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, the latter is from where Honda Atlas usually sources its parts & components. And its highly likely that Pakistan will become one of the first few markets to receive this generation of Civic in Asian region when it will go on sale later this year.

All new Honda Civic RS
All new Honda Civic RS in Thailand

However once should wait for formal announcement by the company and make any payment to authorized Honda dealerships only, instead of any unknown sources on social media.

Source: Business Recorder

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