Initial Details of TOGG Sedan Released

Turkey’s Automobile Joint Venture Group (TOGG) is well on course to introduce its first vehicle, an electric C-segment crossover, the mass production of which will begin towards the latter half of 2022.

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As reported earlier, TOGG will produce 5 different models – an SUV, sedan, C-segment hatchback, B-segment SUV and B-segment MPV – through 2030. The next to launch after the aforementioned crossover will be a C-segment electric sedan which has made quite a few appearances in concept form already.

Now TOGG has released initial details of its first sedan according to which the vehicle will have a driving range of up to 500 km in a single charge. In fast charging mode, up to 30% of battery can be recharged. According to the company, the power output will be equivalent to 400hp allowing the sedan to sprint from 0-100km/h in just 4.2 seconds.

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The sedan will be equipped with 4G and 5G internet connectivity and will be backed by 8-years battery warranty. Furthermore, TOGG will also offer loan incentives to buyers on purchase of the electric sedan. TOGG will launch the sedan somewhere in 2023 with a starting price around $25,000 (PKR 45.12 lac).

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