Kia Offering Cash-Back on Car Registration

Because of the difficult economic climate, local automakers are working hard to lure customers to buy cars by presenting them with a variety of deals one after another. The most recent of these offers is being made by Kia.

Following a price reduction announcement made earlier this month, Kia has now introduced a ‘cash-back on registration’ offer for its specific models. Customers can get a registration discount of Rs. 50,000 for the Picanto AT, Rs. 150,000 for all Sportage variants, and Rs. 200,000 for all the Sorento variants. This limited-time offer is valid till November 30.

kia offer

Interestingly, the Kia Stonic and Picanto MT are not included in the offer, which is strange given that the Picanto MT and Stonic were not included in the price cut announced earlier in October either. The Stonic happens to be the only Kia in Pakistan that is the current generation model as available elsewhere. On the other hand, the Picanto, Sportage, and Sorento are all globally obsolete models sold only in Pakistan.

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While there seems to be a question mark on the future of Kia Stonic & Picanto MT in Pakistan, the registration rebate offer will likely help the company achieve better results in terms of sales for the rest of the lineup.

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