Kia Stonic Spotted- Engine Details Revealed

Wrapped example of Kia Stonic was once again spotted ahead of its official debuted slated to take place in October 2021. Lucky Motor Company (LMC) is on the verge of introducing Kia Stonic as well as the Peugeot 2008 crossovers in Pakistan.

On all previous occasions, the registration number of Kia Stonic was either hidden or unavailable, now however for the first time the Stonic was seen bearing the registration plate, and as per Excise & Taxation Sindh website, the vehicle has a 1.4L (1,368cc) engine under its hood. The Stonic seen here is the top-spec variant that comes equipped with LED DRLs, so its not confirmed at this stage whether the lower variants will get the 1.2L engine or not.

Kia Stonic registration details

Also interesting to note is the registration number in two-alphabets-four-digits format which is exclusive to SUVs and MPVs. For regular passenger cars in Sindh, the format is three-alphabets-three-digits. So the Stonic is officially classified as a crossover, but please spare the Excise Sindh website for calling the body type as Jeep and mentioning engine displacement as Horsepower.

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There is no word on the pricing of Kia Stonic yet, however as per previously shared reports the vehicle will be pitted in the domain of B-segment sedans primarily to entice Toyota Yaris and Honda City buyers into opting for a crossover. Whether the Stonic will be able to make its place among the hot-selling sedans of our market, we will have to wait to find out.

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