Suzuki Wagon R to be Discontinued in Pakistan in 2023

Suzuki Wagon R will be discontinued in Pakistan in 2023, according to the sources within the company. Although the automaker is yet to announce Wagon R’s formal discontinuation, it is believed that production of the tallboy hatchback will be called off by the end of current fiscal year.

The main reason behind the decision is because Pak Suzuki imports Wagon R CKD parts from Indonesia where the car was discontinued last year. Suzuki Indonesia was only supplying parts to Pakistan due to a relatively high demand. But since the demand of new vehicles in our country has nosedived due to rising prices, higher car financing costs and depleting purchase power of the masses, exporting limited number of kits of a discontinued model doesn’t make much sense for Suzuki.

Pak Suzuki is likely to carry on with the Cultus (Celerio) hatchback in the 1.0L segment as an immediate replacement of Wagon R hasn’t been planned. Although it has displayed a new Wagon R model at this year’s Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS). Furthermore according to sources, the company will also bid farewell to the aging Bolan minivan in Pakistan somewhere during 2023 and will replace it with Suzuki Every as reported earlier.

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The Wagon R was launched in Pakistan back in 2014 as a replacement for 1000cc 5th gen Alto. It was based on the 2nd gen Maruti Wagon R however the vehicle was routed to Pakistan via Indonesia where the hatchback was called as Karimun Wagon R. Initially it saw a very hard time picking up sales in our country as the Wagon R was able to surpass the average sales of 5th gen Alto in FY2016-17– almost 3 years of its presence in the market. Whereas its cumulative sales figures for the first three years were less than that of FY2016-17 alone.

In recent years too, the sales of Wagon R have been very disappointing in Pakistan, particularly after the launch of 8th gen Alto 660cc in mid 2019. Wagon R experienced a hopeless year in 2020 witnessing lowest-ever sales multiple times in that year. It had seen its peak in FY2018-19 with 32,614 units sold averaging 2,717 units a month.

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During the first 5 months of previous fiscal year, Wagon R recorded sales of 8,768 units averaging 1,753 units a month which is 35% less than its peak period. However as of the first 5 months of current fiscal year, Wagon R sales have dropped to just 2,899 units rendering an average of 579 units a month. This is 66% less than the sales average compared to previous fiscal year and 78% less than the sales from its prime period.

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