Toyota Unveils the New Crown Sedan in Japan

Toyota’s Crown nameplate has been part of the company’s lineup since the 1950s, but in 2020 the Japanese automaker announced to pull the plugs off the iconic nameplate. However, a couple of years later, Toyota resurrected the mid-size machine as a four-strong family that included a hatchback, crossover, and a couple of SUVs.

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Now Toyota has unveiled the new sedan iteration of the new Crown family, featuring handsome styling and a low-slung fastback profile promising lots of interior space. According to Toyota, the rear seat space meets “the need of chauffeured cars.” Since passenger comfort is a top priority, the all-new Toyota Crown comes with adaptive suspension for a smooth ride and features like power sunshades, wood-grain decor, and interior lighting inspired by traditional Japanese lanterns.

Toyota Crown sedan Japan 00003 2048x1152

In terms of powertrain, the Crown sedan is the first Toyota to get a new 2.5L multi-stage hybrid system that utilizes two motors and stepped gears. The engine can now reach its maximum output at just 43 km/h instead of 140 km/h thanks to this revised configuration. More significantly, though, considering the Crown’s luxury mandate, it means that the engine rpm remains low at high speeds, which helps cut down on noise and fuel consumption.

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But the Crown isn’t just limited to hybrid powertrain as a fuel cell version is also available. With all three tanks full, the Crown FCV, which takes influences from Toyota Mirai, can go an astounding 820 kilometers. Consumers can also use it as a power bank to charge electrical items at home or other places.

Toyota Crown sedan Japan 00008 2048x1152

Toyota is anticipating to sell 600 units per month of Crown sedan in its home market of Japan. The fuel-cell Crown costs ¥8.3 million ($54,900), while the hybrid variant retails at ¥7.3 million ($48,300).

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