Zeekr 001 for Europe Rolls Off the Production Line in China

The first batch of the Zeekr 001 EV for the European markets officially rolled off the production line in Ningbo, China. Shipping is expected to begin in mid-August with customers in Sweden and the Netherlands (where pre-sales had already started in June) to be the first to get the deliveries, according to Zeekr Europe’s official website.

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Zeekr intends to grow into Norway, Germany, Denmark, and France over the following two years, with the aim of reaching the majority of Western European nations by 2026. Zeekr, which is a member of the Geely family, only sells high-end electric automobiles.zeekr 001 3

The export-spec Zeekr 001 offers three pure electric cruising ranges for consumers to choose from, these are 580 km, 590 km, and 620 km with single-motor rear-wheel drive as well as dual-motor four-wheel drive available.

zeekr 001 2

In China, the Zeekr 001 is available 4 variants with CLTC cruising ranges of 546 km, 656 km, 741 km, and 1,032 km. The last one is equipped with CATL’s CTP 3.0 Qilin batteries, being the world’s first mass-produced car equipped with Qilin batteries capable of outputting a driving range of over 1k km.

zeekr 001

Zeekr will adopt a direct sales model in Europe, with the first batch of offline direct stores set to be established in Stockholm, Sweden, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, by the end of the year. To comprehensively meet user demands, the automaker will provide European customers with a brand-new luxury experience through a one-stop service covering financial policies, energy replenishment systems, after-sales support, and the Internet of Vehicles.


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