DFSK Glory 580 Prices Increased

Automakers in Pakistan are in process of increasing the prices one after another. With Kia, Toyota, Honda and Suzuki already announced their price revisions, Regal Automobiles alongside Prince Pearl have pushed the prices of DFSK Glory 580 variants and 580 Pro with immediate effect.

Like most other automakers, the prices will be increased in two phases. In the first phase, the revised prices will be applicable against bookings that have balance amounts to be paid by 30th November. In the second phase, revised prices will take effect on bookings made from 1st December 2021. Rs 155,000 will be revised in each phase for each variant making the net price increase to Rs 310,000 after which the revised prices will be as follows:

VariantsExisting Prices
1st Phase New Prices
1st Phase Increase2nd Phase New Prices
2nd Phase Increase
DFSK Glory 580 1.5T CVTRs 4,229,000Rs 4,384,000Rs 155,000Rs 4,539,000Rs 155,000
DFSK Glory 580 1.8L CVTRs 4,379,000Rs 4,534,000Rs 155,000Rs 4,689,000Rs 155,000
DFSK Glory 580 ProRs 4,610,000Rs 4,765,000Rs 155,000Rs 4,920,000Rs 155,000

Like other automakers, Regal has cited the depreciating currency value and rising shipping costs as the reason behind this increase. Following this, remaining automakers including Changan, Hyundai, MG and Proton are also expected to announce their price revisions soon.

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