New Toyota Yaris Becomes One Year Old

It was August 2022 when Toyota introduced the all-new 4th-generation Yaris Ativ sedan in Thailand. And here comes August 2023 marking the first anniversary of the latest iteration of Toyota’s popular B-segment offering in the Thai market.

Riding on the DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) platform, the new Yaris Ativ is slightly larger than its predecessor while carrying an updated powertrain under its hood. The new model also offers enhanced safety systems as well as features & equipment on offer, helping Toyota record splendid sales in the Thai market.

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The new Yaris Ativ enjoys a 60% share of the B-segment sedan market in Thailand and sells twice as much as the 7th-gen Honda City, its closest rival there. A hybrid version is also in the works which will further bolster Toyota’s position in the Thai market.

Since its debut in Thailand, the 4th-gen Yaris Ativ has been introduced in a number of regions around the world and is also sold under the Vios nameplate in certain markets.

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However, a recent scandal has hampered the new sedan’s liftoff, since sales were halted when Daihatsu acknowledged manipulating crash testing procedures. Daihatsu admitted that it was engaged in “cheating,” with regard to crash safety tests performed for regulatory certification applications for 4 of its models, including the new Yaris Ativ.

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Regardless of the scandal, what’s important for us is that this model is now 1 year old as per international standards. Whereas, like the majority of “new” cars sold in Pakistan, the Yaris sold here is an obsolete model. What’s worse, we don’t even have the facelift here since Toyota is happy to sell the pre-facelift version of an already obsolete car in our country.

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Toyota Yaris in Pakistan was slapped with a cosmetic uplift in the form of an “Aero Package” labeled as “all-new”. It really is quite uncertain when Toyota will bring the new Yaris to Pakistan considering the fact that the 11th generation Corolla is already a decade-old model & was discontinued globally some 5 years ago.

We frequently point the finger at economic difficulties for hampering the introduction of a new model in the country, yet even in the worst economic conditions, Honda managed to introduce the latest 11th-generation Civic and HR-V crossover just a few months after their global debuts. Toyota, which also had the courage to launch the GR Fortuner with a price tag of over Rs 2 crore, is getting ready to introduce the locally assembled Corolla Cross hybrid, which would be yet another exorbitantly priced vehicle aimed at the wealthy elite of the country with a significant purchasing power.

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It looks as if only when it comes to mass-market offerings, we are left with globally obsolete options but anything that falls in the domain of wealthy and affluent, the launch of the latest model never seems to be a problem for local players. It’s really hard for us to foresee the new Yaris in the country, and the one we already have could be delayed for an extended period like its sibling, the 11th-generation Corolla because it’s all about the margins of profitability that matter.

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