Suzuki to Continue with APV in Indonesia… and Pakistan

Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) will continue to sell the multipurpose Suzuki APV model in Indonesia which is still being produced at the factory in Tambun, Jawa Barat. This was informed by Donny Saputra, 4W Marketing Director PT SIS, during the “Suzuki Jamboree Club 2022” event held in East Jakarta.

Despite being the slowest seller in Suzuki’s lineup with an average monthly sales of around 300 units in Indonesia, Donny said the “Suzuki APV is still being produced in Tambun”. He added that although SIS still relies on Carry and XL7 sales, this does not mean that Suzuki has stopped producing or selling APVs in Indonesia. “There are no plans to discontinue the product,” said Donny.

Suzuki APV in Indonesia

Currently, the APV in Indonesian market targets the fleet sales segment for private companies, government departments, public transportation, and light cargo fleets or as ambulances. Available in two variants, the APV Arena is priced at IDR 169.9 million (PKR 24.48 lac) while the APV Luxury is priced at IDR 258.1 million (PKR 37.19 lac).

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Although Indonesia is the only country where the APV is produced, it is exported to a number of third-world markets around the world. That’s one of the reasons why Suzuki still keeps producing the van in Indonesia despite sluggish sales in domestic market.

The APV was first introduced in September 2004, and technically has entered its 19th year of production. The vehicle received a facelift called APV Arena in November 2007, just 3 years after its debut. However more than 15 years since then, there has been no upgrade apart from an added Arena Luxury variant in March 2009. It comes powered by G-series engines in 1.5L and 1.6L guises with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox options.

Suzuki APV Luxury

Suzuki APV was introduced in Pakistan back in 2005 is still offered in Pak Suzuki’s lineup as CBU import. By 2008 the facelift APV (Arena) was available here. Being an obsolete vehicle, its old 1.5L engine produces the least number of horses (91hp) when compared to any 1.5L crossover or MPV available in our market today.

Suzuki APV press ad from 2006

When launched in 2005, the Suzuki APV was priced at Rs 9.8 lac, however with the passage of time its price has sky-rocketed to reaching Rs 62.9 lac today. While the APV became 17 years old in Pakistan, it has witnessed a whopping 542% increase in its price.

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In 2017, Pak Suzuki also introduced the APV-based Mega Carry commercial pickup, but it failed miserably due to stripped down features and a higher price compared to the existing competition.

While crossovers and MPVs with 7 or more seats have become very popular in recent times, the APV with an obsolete engine, primitive looks and the priciest of options remain the least attractive option for buyers in Pakistan. A more viable option would have been to introduce the Eritga or the XL7, however competing in mass-market is perhaps not the priority for Suzuki when it comes to APV. It keeps targeting the fleet buyers here but with minuscule sales, the Suzuki APV continues to grace the showroom floors.

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