The Most Powerful 1.5L Turbo Engines in Pakistan

Technology has allowed automakers to generate great power & fuel efficiency from smaller displacement engines. In the days of old, achieving more power would require a bigger engine but that would result in a compromise on fuel consumption.

However thanks to turbocharged engines & modern tech, even 1.5L engines can now yield output much more than bigger naturally aspirated engines. Talking about these, a conventional 1.5L engine in a Honda City produces around 118hp of power and 145Nm of torque which is considered a powerful engine in its own league. Whereas naturally aspirated 2.0L engine in the likes of Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson produces 155hp & 196Nm.

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Now compared to the above-mentioned output figures, you will be surprised to see how much power modern 1.5L turbocharged engines are able to generate. We will be moving up from the least powerful to the most powerful 1.5L turbo engine currently available in Pakistan.

#9. Honda Civic (127hp/180Nm)

civic pk 2

The 1.5L turbo engine in the newly launched 11th gen Honda Civic sedan produces 127hp and 180Nm in its base & Oriel trims and ranks in 9th place among the 1.5L turbo engines in Pakistan in terms of power output.

#8. Haval Jolion (141hp/210Nm)

Jolion n 01

The 8th position belongs to Haval Jolion with its 1.5L turbo engine producing 141hp and 210Nm.

#7. Chery Tiggo-4 Pro (145hp/210Nm)

Tiggo unveil 012

At 7th place, the upcoming Chery Tiggo-4 Pro stands slightly more powerful than the Haval Jolion with its 1.5L turbo engine churning out 145hp and 215Nm.

#6. Haval H6 (147hp/230Nm)

Haval H6 01

Haval H6 with slightly more powerful figures than its sibling Jolion stands in 6th position. Its 1.5L turbo engine generates 147hp and 230Nm.

#5. DFSK Glory 580 Pro (150hp/220Nm)

Glory 580 pro

The underrated DFSK Glory 580 Pro 7-seat CUV has a 1.5L turbo engine that produces 150hp/ 220Nm helping it to be placed at 5th position in this list.

#4. MG HS (160hp/250Nm)

MG HS slvr 2

4th position belongs to MG HS with its 1.5L turbo engine producing 160hp of power and 250Nm of torque.

#3. Honda Civic RS (176hp/220Nm)

civic RS 2

Among those belonging to the podium, the new Honda Civic RS stands in 3rd place with its 1.5L turbo engine tuned to produce 176hp and 220Nm. While its horsepower is greater than the MG HS, it falls behind in terms of torque figures.

#2. Proton X70 (176hp/255Nm)

The second most powerful 1.5L turbo engine is there in Proton X70, and it’s the only 3-cylinder engine among the lot. The award-winning engine co-developed by Volvo and Geely churns out 176hp of power and 255Nm of torque.

#1. Changan Oshan X7 (185hp/300Nm)

Oshan X7 debut 21

And the most powerful 1.5L turbo engine is there under the hood of the newly launched Changan Oshan X7 which generates 185 hp of power and a staggering 300Nm of torque, almost double of the 1.5L naturally aspirated engine in Honda City.

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Furthermore, another upcoming CUV, the Chery Tiggo-8 Pro which has a 1.6L turbo engine under its hood generates an impressive 195hp of power and 290Nm of torque, but since its technically not a 1.5L engine so we haven’t included it in the list above. Still, the output figures for a 1.6L engine are really very impressive. Plus the Peugeot 2008 which has an even smaller 1.2L turbo engine manages to churn out 130hp and 230Nm.

Peugeot2008 clifton 05

These smaller displacement turbo engines are not only powerful and fuel-efficient, they also help lessen the taxation burden on consumers. So given a chance to opt among these powerful & fuel efficient 1.5L turbo engines, which one will be your ultimate choice? Let us know your comments.

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