Toyota bZX4 Achieves Half the Advertised Range in Danish Test

Toyota’s miseries with the bZ4X EV continue as the all-electric crossover has once again landed into controversy. First, the bZ4X was recalled because its wheels could fall off, due to which the global production was halted for a few months. Toyota was finally able to find the solution recently after which the production of bZ4X EV was resumed.

And now questions are being asked about the validity of Toyota’s electric driving range figures. In tests carried out by Scandinavian journalists the bZ4X managed only half as many miles as the company claims, prompting Toyota in Europe and Japan to open a joint investigation.

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Danish magazine FDM tested two- and all-wheel drive versions of the bZ4X electric SUV and both failed to hit their range targets by a massive margin. The two-wheel drive bZ4X has an official WLTP range of 313 miles (504 km) but could only travel 153 miles (246 km) before needing a charge, meaning it delivered less than 49% of its claimed range. The all-wheel drive version fared even worse, managing just 134 miles (214 km) when Toyota’s claimed WLTP figures say 287 miles (461 km). That equates to less than 47% of the claimed driving range.

Toyota bZ4X twin, the Subaru Solterra may have the same problem too, but FDM has not yet had the opportunity to test it

Toyota Danmark Head of Press Anders Tystrup has noted that the Japanese automaker is aware of the test and the vehicle’s results. An investigation into the results is reportedly underway, though the press manager also noted that the range discrepancy might partly be due to the bZ4X’s “buffer” that is placed in the battery. That being said, a preliminary conclusion is expected next week. A meeting in Brussels with Toyota technical experts is also expected to be held towards the end of November.

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