Toyota Suspends All Land Cruiser 300 Orders Until Further Notice

Toyota in Japan has suspended all Land Cruiser J300 series orders until further notice as customer wait times in the product’s domestic market now span several years, not months.

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The Japanese automaker says global demand for new Land Cruiser J300 “greatly exceeds our production capacity”, and so it has taken the extreme step of suspending all new orders until it can catch up. How long that will be is unsure at the moment, but given wait times are said to be up to 4 years, the orders could be frozen for some time to come. The update posted to the Land Cruiser page of Toyota Japan’s public website reads:

“Apology for suspension of order. Thank you for considering our vehicle. Land Cruiser has been very well received, not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world, and we are currently suspending all orders because we have received orders that greatly exceed our production capacity. Regarding the resumption of orders, we will inform you again based on the future production situation. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.”

The bookings of new Land Cruiser in Pakistan were open in April 2022. The price was set at Rs 72,499,000 (Seven Crore, 24 lac and 99 thousand only) while the booking amount was Rs 30,000,000 (3 crore only). In the very next month however, the price of Land Cruiser was increased by Rs 7,500,000, taking the price of the new Land Cruiser J300 to Rs 79,999,000 (Seven Crore, 99 lac and 99 thousand only). According to IMC (Indus Motor Company), due to limited allocations & supply chain issues, the delivery of LC300 would extend beyond 12 months.

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With the latest notification by Toyota, the deliveries of Land Cruiser J300 allocated for Pakistan might also get affected. However we will have to wait for an official word from IMC in this regard.

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