United Bravo: Are We Ready to Welcome the Change?

United is gearing up the launch of its Bravo hatchback that will go on to compete against the lone champion of the 800cc hatchback segment, the Pak Suzuki Mehran.

Earlier in February the company applied for copyrights of the United Bravo hatchback to the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan, CarSpiritPK was the first to break the news after which the news went viral over the internet. Later we released more details and pictures of the Bravo hatchback at the Luoyong Dahe vehicle assembly plant in China in addition to the specification sheet that is being shared on the social media. However United, is officially yet to disclose the technical specifications and pricing of its Bravo variants.

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The Bravo is making waves on the internet & social media, and why not? As the auto consumers of Pakistan had literally no choice in this segment other than the overpriced Pak Suzuki Mehran since ages. Although we have yet to physically witness the vehicle, however from the looks of it, the car offers much more than the Pak Suzuki rival. And if priced rightly, can probably end the chapter of Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan.

United Bravo offers numerous improvements over the obsolete Mehran. Such as:


Without any doubt, the car has impressive looks. Despite the fact that the design seems a mix of Volkswagen & Kia, it’s still fresh for our roads and doesn’t look disproportional. The front fascia features wrap around crystal headlamps, and fog lamps enclosed in the bumpers. The car has proper retract side mirrors unlike the bicycle type mirrors of Mehran that needs to be readjusted again and again each time you start your journey and each time you drive on a pothole.

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The rear end features split-type rear combination lamps, spoiler with an integrated high-mounted stop lamp, and bumpers with black claddings and built-in reflectors. A roof mounted rubber antenna and rear parking sensors can also be seen in the pictures. However the sizes of ‘United’ and ‘Bravo’ rear emblems seems too big than necessary.


The interior again comes as a huge improvement compared to the 30 year old Mehran, both in terms of design and equipment. The quality & fit and finish can well be described when we get to see the vehicle in person. However from the design perspective, its impressive.

It has a floating touch-screen with multimedia, calling function and reverse camera display which is a huge bonus for a car of this size. USB port and power outlets are also present underneath the air-condition control knobs. The car also comes equipped with all four power windows.

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The interior color scheme is primarily black with silver embellishments across touch-screen, door handles, steering wheel, and around air vents. The wooden trims on door panels and dashboard doesn’t really go well with the interior though. The size of the vents is quite large, plus there are 4 in number which indicates that the air-condition will be able to cool the cabin much more efficiently than the 2 puny air-vents in Mehran.

The speedometer cluster is beautiful and very well-illuminated with red, blue & white colors. There are two large dials, one for the RPM meter and the other for speedometer, between which there is a digital vehicle information display.  The Bravo also features rear-split folding seats with adjustable head-rests, and a cargo space that again offers more space than the Suzuki Mehran.

The Engine:

The LJ368QA engine, as reported by us earlier is a copy of Suzuki’s F8B engine found in the Mehran. This would be considered a huge bonus for those willing to buy a Bravo, as they don’t have to worry about the engine maintenance and repairs as it’s a tried n tested unit, and from United’s point of view, will be same like selling their motorcycles with Honda replica engines.

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Other improvements that the car offers is collision protection side beams, alloy rims, and the vacuum brake booster which is absent in Pak Suzuki Mehran. Furthermore as per unofficial reports, the Bravo will have 4-wheel disc brakes too.

The United Bravo (Dahe DH350S) at the factory premises in China

The improvements that the Bravo offers us are something which the largest assembler of Pakistan with more than 50% market share has been unwilling to offer us since nearly 30 years against an exorbitant amount of PKR 8.02 lac.

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The official prices of Bravo hatchback are yet to be announced by United. However as per our sources the base variant will be priced around PKR 6.5 to 7.0 lac whereas the fully loaded version will be priced higher than the Mehran and will probably fall around PKR 9.0 lac bracket.

What’s important for United is to offer quality backup support and ensure smooth delivery of spares & service across the nation. What’s important for us is to know whether we are ready to support the change? Or willing to pay unjust amount for obsolete, feature-ripped and substandard products in the name of resale? Let us know with your comments..

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