BYD Seal Witnesses 110,000 Units Sold in 1 Month in China

BYD launched the Seal EV as a direct competitor of Tesla Model 3 in China on 20th May 2022. Straight after its launch, the electric sedan witnessed overwhelming response with 22,637 units sold within just 6 hours of launch. Now according to Chinese media, the BYD Seal has clocked more than 110,000 units in just a single month.

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Right now, BYD has three series of cars in its lineup: The Dynasty series which consist of its well-known models “Qin”, “Han”, “Tang”, “Song” and “Yuan” which were already available before the spawning of the other two series, they were available in gasoline engines too but earlier this year BYD completely stopped the production of ICE cars and is now only rolling out PHEVs and EVs. Then comes the Warship series which comprise of plug-in hybrids only and includes the likes of Destroyer PHEV, while the Ocean series consisting of EVs only. The Seal is the second car in the Ocean series after the Dolphin EV.

The Seal sporty electric sedan is priced from 209,800 yuan ($31,180 USD) in China which is considerably low than the starting price of Tesla Model 3 in China which is 265,650 yuan ($42,000). It measures 4,800/1,875/1,460 mm with a wheelbase of 2,920 mm and sits on BYD’s latest e-platform 3.0. Seal’s drag coefficient is extremely low, 0.219 Cd thanks to its low hood line and aerodynamic shape. It also boasts the new CTB (Cell to Body) technology, and iTAC (intelligent Torque Control System) etc.

There are four trim levels available. The first two are RWD variants which are equipped with the 61.44-kWh battery for a 150 kW (204 hp) power and 550-km drive range (CLTC). The third variant has a bigger battery of 82.5 kWh for 700 km CLTC range. It is also RWD, but its power reaches 230 kW (313 hp). The flagship Seal variant gets the same 82.5 kWh battery but gets AWD with two electric motors and 390 kW (530 hp) with drive range reaching 650 km (CLTC).

Seal is also destined to be launched in Japan during the latter half of 2023, as BYD is all prepared to mark its entry into Japan’s passenger car market from January 2023 with models including the Atto 3 and Dolphin in addition to Seal. BYD already has a presence in countries like Bahrain, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Moldova, Brazil, Hungary, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Colombia, is all set to begin selling cars in Australia & the Netherlands and intends to launch the Seal EV in many more markets across the globe.

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With a price almost 26% less than that of Model 3, which is Tesla’s most successful vehicle in its lineup, the BYD Seal with longer dimensions, better interior space, and better technology & equipment on offer may emerge as a serious contender to the Tesla Model 3. In the future, will BYD Seal be able to dethrone the Tesla Model 3 in international markets, only time will tell.

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