Toyota bZ3 to Rival Tesla Model 3 in Europe

Toyota is about to launch its first all-electric sedan in China, the bZ3 EV which is expected to make its appearance at the upcoming Guangzhou Auto Show in November.

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It was initially reported that the bZ3 will be restricted for sale in Chinese market only, however as per new information Toyota intends to launch the electric sedan in Europe to compete against the likes of Tesla Model 3.

Having long advocated against the EVs, Toyota finally unveiled 16 EV concepts in December last year to show its committed to achieve carbon neutrality via ell-electric cars. The company’s E-TNGA platform will serve as the foundation for a number of electric vehicles going forward. The first fully electric Toyota vehicle riding on the E-TNGA platform was the bZ4X compact SUV, however within couple of months after it was introduced in North America & Japan, the bZ4X was recalled with its production abruptly stopped due to the wheels coming off.

Toyota bZ4X (left) and Subaru Solterra (right)

Reportedly, the problem is yet not rectified and Toyota is offering a buy-back to the bZ4X customers. Its sister product, the Subaru Solterra is also meeting the same fate.

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Thankfully, the bZ3 sedan is built with the help of a major input from Chinese automaker BYD, once considered a rival of Toyota. The bZ3 will employ BYD’s Blade lithium iron phosphate battery tech which boasts high energy density while being safer than other chemistries. With energy-dense batteries, the battery pack can be smaller, which allows for more interior space.

Technical details are yet to be officially disclosed by the company, however as per sources the bZ3 will be able to offer a range of around 400km in complete charge. According to information published on China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website, the BYD-built Toyota bZ3 will be powered by an electric motor either with 183 hp in the base model or 244 hp in the up-spec model. Top speed however will be electronically capped to 160 km/h on both versions.

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While bZ4X was a disappointing experience for Toyota, the Japanese automaker has high hopes from the bZ3 electric sedan that it will do well in the European markets. As per reports, sales of Toyota bZ3 in Europe are expected to begin as early as 2024. There are currently several new electric models working to take market share away from Tesla, and the bZ3 will join the bandwagon to rival the Tesla Model 3.

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