Wuling Unveils a Single-Seat EV Pickup in China

China has been experimenting with all sorts of vehicles of late, and another interesting example has just surfaced the internet. Wuling, which is known for making low-cost vehicles and mini EVs has just unveiled a single-seat electric pickup.

Called as the E10, the EV pickup has a centrally placed driver seat (think of McLaren F1.. lol) and a closed cargo box behind. The E10 is targeted towards businesses such as delivery companies and postal services etc.

In terms of dimensions the Wuling E10 measures just 3,310mm long, 1,080mm wide and 1,690mm tall. The cargo box measures 1,625/1,000/1,040mm. Looks are pretty simple with rectangular headlamps, blacked out fascia, black steel wheels, and a simple gray paint job. The red 3M tape on the cargo box is obligatory in China for any commercial vehicle, which should be there even before the vehicle goes on sale.

Inside, the E10 has a very basic interior with a digital instrument panel, two USB ports for charging mobile devices, manual operated windows and a rudimentary heating system. The steering wheel has a red Wuling logo while the hand brake is located at the right side of the driving seat.

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Power comes from a single 27hp electric motor located at the rear. The motor is mated to a small 9kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, offering a driving range of 115 kilometers per charge. The vehicle can carry a maximum of 200kg of cargo. Official prices are yet to be revealed but as per sources, it won’t be more than 30,000 yuan (approx PKR 9.1 lac).

In Pakistan, 3-wheel loaders have become quite popular in recent times and besides their regular loading job, are being widely used for food carts & other small businesses benefiting the entrepreneurs & small startups. The Wuling E10 loader can be a more safer alternative to these loaders and can benefit from maintenance point of view due to being an electric vehicle. Plus since its a uni-seater, there is no issue of LHD or RHD configuration as with most vehicles in China which are left hand drive.

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Lastly it just has a 20kW motor which also qualifies for EV import benefits offered in the new Auto Policy AIDEP 2021-26. Let’s hope this practical loader gets here which has the potential to give benefits to a lot of consumers who require a 4-wheel loader for small errands but cannot afford to go for expensive options such as the Suzuki Ravi which cost PKR 14.24 lac.

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